Dango API 📲 👾 💭

Integrate Emoji Predictions Into Your Application

Dango uses neural networks to predict the perfect emoji based on natural text input. See our blog-post for more technical details.

Integrate Dango’s predictions into your application and start using better emoji. The Dango API is great for social marketing tools, customer support tools, and really anywhere else you or your customers want to spice up your writing with emoji! 👍 ❤️ 💰

New: Also search kaomoji, Japanese-style text emoticons, using the new kaomoji endpoint! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


We provide a RESTful HTTP API (documentation) exposing the same powerful algorithms that run the Dango app. Scaleable to millions of queries per day, this is suitable for both real-time and batch applications. It is also powering the demo above.


$100 per month

5000 queries per month included
$0.02 per additional query
5 requests per second


$500 per month

35,000 queries per month included
$0.02 per additional query
5 requests per second


$1000 per month

100,000 queries per month included
$0.02 per additional query
20 requests per second

By signing up for any of the above plans you agree to the Dango API Terms.

Please contact us if you require a larger custom enterprise plan.

Offline Predictions SDK

The Dango app includes a custom-built highly performant client-side implementation of our algorithms, allowing real-time emoji predictions without any network access. If you want to integrate Dango’s algorithms into your application — be it on the desktop, on Android or iOS — contact us to discuss licensing terms.

Sticker and GIF Predictions API

Do you have a large collection of stickers and GIFs? We can work with you to build out smart predictions on your data, with the same algorithms that power stickers and GIFs in the popular Dango application.

Try out our GIF predictions now, and then get in touch when you want to build intelligent semantic predictions for your content.