Hard to Find Emojis Here's a List of Emoji Apps For Android System

Hard to Find Emojis? Here’s a List of Emoji Apps For Android System

In today’s era using emoji is an interesting thing when chatting. The presence of this emoji can certainly provide a new and more fun color. No wonder now there are so many emojis in various applications. Indeed, each default keyboard has its own emoji. But only a few emoji can be used, the solution can be by using an emoji application for android. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to find it, you can directly see it in the article below:

Kika Emoji Keyboard
Kika Emoji Keyboard is a free keyboard application that you can download directly on the Google Play Store. It looks unique and attractive so that it makes you more happy while chatting. Not only does it provide emojis, but Kika Emoji Keyboard also has various other features. Examples such as Gif, Clip Arts, Animated Icons and various other interesting features. This application also provides various keyboard themes around 100 themes.

StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji
For those of you who want to make emoji with your own face, you can just try the StickerMe Free Selfie Emoji application. Uniquely, this emoji can be used for several social media such as WhatsApp, Line or Facebook. The advantage of this application is that it can turn a selfie photo into 60 emoji effects. Start smiling, crying, laughing, sad and others. This application is also free so you can immediately try it if you are curious.

Emojidom Emoticons
This application called Emojidom Emotions has more than 4 thousand emojis to unique emoticons. Of course you can use this to chat with friends, relatives or others. No wonder this application is often referred to as the emoji kingdom. Not only available in one color, but the Emojidom Emoticons application is available in various skin tones. Starting from white, olive, brown to black are also available in this application. Emojis are widely used to express feelings in conversations and online games such as slot online and poker online to give a sense of humor and disgust.

Emoji Coolsymbols Keyboard
This application has more than 3 thousand emoji collections that you can use whenever and wherever you want. Starting from using it in instant messaging applications, email, sms, social media and various other things. This keyboard also supports a variety of languages ​​in the world, so it’s not just English. But make sure that your phone is using the latest Android so you don’t miss other unique emojis.

Bitmoji is a unique app that can combine both emoji and stickers. Emojis in this application also vary, some are large, such as stickers. You can use these emojis in various applications. For example, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and various other social media. In addition, you can also add a collection of emojis by inserting your photo. And the photo will automatically be in the emoji collection list.

Gboard is an application specially designed by Google LLC with a total size of about 21 mb. There are many features that you can get, one of which you can slide your finger to move one letter to the letter at the end. Emoji are indeed an attraction for various people, no wonder so many people are using them. Don’t forget to try one of the above emoji apps for android. Good luck.