Various Keyboards with Emojis and Emoticons for Android

Technological developments have made communication much easier. Long distance communication has become very easy and varied nowadays. In the past, long-distance communication could only be done by letter and this could not be sent in a very fast time because it was also determined by the distance between the two existing places. After that, then developed with the telephone. After the telephone is growing, there is also SMS in mobile phones. With the smartphone, communication has become much more diverse and now emojis and emoticons are also widely used to express expressions in messages in the form of chat. Of course this makes communication much more exciting and interesting. While some emojis and emoticons are available exclusively on some chat platforms and apps, others play a role in general and these come and are integrated with the keyboard.

There are many emoji apps that can then be present in the options within the keyboard. Each has its own charm. For Android-based devices, there are several applications that can be found on the Playstore and one of them is Emoji Keyboard. As the name implies, this is an application for the keyboard where later there is the option to display a very interesting array of emojis and emoticons. At least, there are more than 3000 emoji and emoticons that can be found in this one application so you can be very satisfied in choosing emojis and emoticons, ranging from facial expressions to other icons such as animals and varied shapes. In addition, there are also GIFs that can be added. This GIF is an image that can move and this can also be embedded in chat messages.

Next up is Facemoji Emoticon Keyboard. It is also very popular as an all in one keyboard app. As an all in one keyboard, it functions as a third-party keyboard which can replace the default keyboard used on your Android device. With this, of course there are advantages offered. One of them is the choice of interesting fonts which cannot be found in the available default mode keyboards. The theme of the keyboard can also be changed so that you can see a more attractive keyboard display when you want to type. Of course the main thing you want to look for is the available emoji and emoticons. There are more than 3500 emoji and emoticons that you can use. If this is still not enough, you can add stickers and GIFs that are available in this keyboard application. You can use chat much more interestingly with these available features.

The third option is iKeyboard. It has the same general function because it is indeed given as a reference and recommendation in getting various emojis and emoticons. However, of course there are things that distinguish this application from the previously mentioned applications. One of them is in terms of attractive colorful themes that you can apply on your keyboard. The theme will also continue to get updates from this keyboard developer so that every week there can be a new theme. The list of available emoji and emoticons is also very large. If you want moving animation, there’s also a list of GIFs you can find and choose to enter into the chat. It’s all present in one keyboard only and you can use it all the way you like. Of course this is an interesting thing, especially with the theme that continues to get updated every week.