Reaping Controversy, Hilton Hotel in Xinjiang Becomes Public Spotlight

The world community is very familiar with Xinjiang. In fact, the region is famous for cases of frequent repression of the Uighur Muslim Community and is under Chinese rule. The proof is that Beijing does not hesitate to educate Muslims and destroy various places of worship.
Not long ago, the United States also began to highlight the existence of Hilton hotels that have been operating. It is known that the inn is a close relationship between the US and China. However, recently it has been reported that the hotel is inviting more controversy.

It is noted that the US appears powerless in fighting for human rights for local communities and protecting all Muslim Uighurs. In the end, the hotel construction project will be temporarily suspended.

Relocating the Land of Destruction of the Mosque
Some of the world’s public considered that the Hilton Worldwide company in Xinjiang had made the wrong decision in the hotel construction project. Various Muslim parties also strongly disagree with the development goals. Because they know that the inn is relocating the area where the mosque was destroyed.
According to Reuters records, the Chinese government succeeded in tearing down the mosque building, which later they approved the land as a Hilton hotel construction project.
Not only that, it is also reported that they will relocate the land as a tourist spot to the online slot gambling building. The transformation has taken place on a large scale. And the peak is seen in early 2021. Like it or not, the Uighur Muslims are forced to give up their places of worship which have been a means to get closer to their God.
The emergence of this case became the main focus of the United States. Where they judged that the action did not contain customary norms. Moreover, this case can also damage the good name of the nation because it is not able to protect human rights.

Hilton Seems To Run From Trouble
The controversy did not make Hilton tough in dealing with the problems that occurred. In fact, they seem to be running away from trouble. Even though the case they did was very detrimental to a number of parties, especially the Uighur Muslims.

Another report also explained that the construction of the hotel will be implemented in the near future. Ironically, Hilton never wanted to comment even though they had many opportunities.
One of the guidelines that they stretch out in the development is that the hotel that will be used as a mega project is a franchise that has been under the auspices of the Chinese company, Huan Peng Hotel.
Hilton chose to justify themselves that the land they got was the result of the auction not from the demolition of the mosque. However, some people strongly do not believe that the land is purely the property of Huang Peng Hotel. Because until now there is still no sign of the legality of the land.

Destroy Tens of Thousands of Sanctuaries
As reported by IDN Times, Xinjiang has destroyed tens of thousands of holy places. China is also known for its radicalism and extremism which is still running until now. Interestingly, the West China region is still untouched by the case. Even so, all local residents to foreigners are still operating.
It was recorded that there were more than 16,000 mosques that they managed to destroy. It is believed that the Chinese government has strong reasons for carrying out acts of radicalism. Because they see that the mosque building in the area still does not have an official permit.
Uighur Muslims also seem helpless to see the anarchic side in the region. Not to mention if the official Hilton hotel construction takes place, it will make them even more lost their way to worship.