Mutual Fund Applications

Types of Official Mutual Fund Applications That You Should Know

Everyone has the right to determine their future in a better direction. Because they must be able to build a perfect life for the future. Over time, technology and media also continue to develop rapidly. In the end, a number of applications emerged that could ease the burden on the human mind to manage financial conditions optimally.

Indonesia also has a series of applications that are very useful for local residents. Where they can carry out the investment process without having to make deposits to the bank with very small profits. The mutual fund application in that country has been officially registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Even the members within it had already reached the set limit.

A real example is that real money soccer gambling players never forget to invest winning funds for future betting capital. Because in addition to profiting from the gambling arena, they have also benefited since the emergence of mutual fund applications. Regarding these types of applications, below we have prepared complete information, including;

  1. Magical – PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia
    Ajaib is a mutual fund application under the auspices of PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia and managed by the Ajaib Group. Peru is still relatively new because it was founded in 2018. As is known, this application does not charge any fees for small to large investors. However, there are several procedures that must be understood and known before investing. Uniquely, the initial capital to invest in this application starts from IDR 10,000.
  2. Bareksa – PT Bareksa Investment Portal
    OJK has also inaugurated Bareksa’s flight hours which was established in 2016. As is known, Bareksa is one of the best mutual fund agents in Indonesia. Up to now more than 40 managers and 100 products have been developed. Not only that, it also offers a variety of quality financial products. The uniqueness of this application is that investors will get an automatic calculator to calculate the amount of incoming and outgoing funds while still active as a member. While the initial nominal that is determined to join is IDR 10,000.
  3. Seedlings – PT Seeds Grow Together
    Seeds have also emerged as a provider of investment services for novice investors. This application has a robot advisor who is always able to allocate the total investment value. The convenience offered by this application is that investors are not charged for buying, selling and switching mutual funds. So they can be more fluent in supplying funds. The initial investment fund that must be issued is the same as IDR 10,000.
  4. TanamDuit – PT Star Mercato Capitale
    TanamDuit is a mutual fund application that was born in 2017. Not only currency values ​​are offered in it, but also jewelry, Government Securities (SBN) and others. On the one hand, TanamDuit also offers health and social insurance products to investors. While the specified member bond also starts from Rp. 10,000.
  5. IPOTFund – PT Indo Premier Investment Management
    And IPOTFund is a mutual fund application that operates under the auspices of PT Indo Premier Sekuritas. This application also has dozens of investment managers as well as hundreds of other excellent products. There are many advantages when using the application, including monitoring the comparison of managed funds, IPOT Evaluator and so on. So that investors will be more satisfied when depositing large amounts of funds.